Thursday, November 7, 2013

Child Crafts: Rosie the Elf

I was looking for a Christmas themed craft I could do with my three-year-old daughter since I was getting a little antsy inside the house with very little to do. In my honest opinion, hours of television is not a very fun occupation and I didn't want my Little Bear to think it was so. Luckily, we finished off a roll of toilet paper earlier this morning (due to a round of sniffles around the house), which sent my crafty senses abuzz.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rosie, our new elf.

Rosie, I told the Little Bear, is an elf from North Pole. Because of the magic of Christmas, she possesses the power to carry messages to and from Santa Claus himself. Just put a letter underneath her recycled body and she'll send it to him the moment you fall asleep. Rosie may also carry messages from Santa himself so it is a good idea to check with her every once in a while.

Rosie was made using these materials:

  1. First, cut out a strip of your desired colored paper around three inches wide and with enough length to go around the body of the toilet paper tube. Glue one end of the paper to the tube and carefully wrap the rest of the strip around the tube and glue the other end to keep it in place.
  2. Next, cut a semicircle out of some colored paper. Fashion a cone out of this by gluing the two ends of the semicircle together. Make sure you make a cone large enough to fit over the head of the toilet paper tube.
  3. Take a bit of cotton and decorate the hat and clothes of your elf. We used a little cotton ball for the tippy top of the hat and bits of cotton to line the hat and the "dress" of the elf.
  4. Finish off the entire project by drawing a face and buttons down the "dress" with a black marker.
And there you have it! Rosie the Elf!

I have always enjoyed cutting and gluing and folding and crafting overall but the projects I have always enjoyed the most are those with the active participation of my Little Bear. Even the simplest things can become magical in the eyes of a child and it is the greatest pleasure of a mother's heart to encourage that very magic.♥

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