Monday, November 11, 2013

Social Awareness: A Cry for Help from Haiyan/Yolanda Victims

A few days ago, strong winds of up to 314 kph slammed into the Philippines. Yolanda, or Haiyan, as it is known internationally, is probably the greatest storm in history to hit landfall. At its peak, it covered approximately two-thirds of the archipelago. It devastated most of the Visayan Islands of the Philippines in its wake, two of which are still recovering from a magnitude 7 earthquake and its aftershocks in late October. Roads have been blocked, towns rendered inaccessible... There is no electricity, not even network coverage. Food and clean water have run out.

The Philippines is a nation of extremely resilient people. We have weathered many hardships in the past and survived with a cheerful attitude despite bleak situations. However, the people are in desperate need of help right now.

I feel myself uplifted whenever I see pictures of my friends and family all over the nation and even across the globe repacking donations to send over to the victims of the calamity. Many other nations have since then sent help our way. This, despite the depressing news of rampant looting and political squabbling, is enough to spur me onward to gather more for our brothers and sisters in need.

So, I am knocking on your kind and generous hearts, to give a little to the victims of Haiyan/Yolanda. These are people with dead to bury and children to clothe and feed. They may not even be able to celebrate Christmas this year due to the utter devastation this natural calamity has wrought upon the land. A little portion of your blessings will be enough to tide over a family even for a day.

I am not asking for much. Just a little. Clothes you have not worn for more than a year. Some canned goods and instant noodles. A bottle of clean water. If you are a bit generous, you can even donate much needed medical supplies like bandages and antibiotics because a disaster of this magnitude will leave behind not only destruction but contagious diseases and infections in its wake.

Little by little, we can all make a difference.

God bless you all!♥

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