Sunday, November 17, 2013

Crafts: Christmas Came Early!

With all the confusion caused by the massive destruction wrought by the super typhoon in our country, this post was put on hold for more than a week but here it is now.

Looks lovely, doesn't it? These are gifts from one of my dearest friends, Alex (check out her blog!). Even with the paper bag, it was already love at first sight. This girl gets my love of all things crafty and shabby chic ALL. THE. TIME.

Inside the bag were two washi tapes, some baker's twine, and a sealing wax with my very own seal, which can be worn as a necklace. I couldn't thank Alex enough for her generosity. It certainly made my entire evening when she handed over these goodies the last time she came over.

These are the baker's twine she gave me, a deep pink and yellow. They are oh-so girly and so pretty I couldn't stop taking them out and just admiring them.

These are the washi tapes. One has a pink and red cherry blossom pattern all over it and the other one has some red tribal pattern all over it. Unlike the other washi tapes in my collection, these two have an almost waxy feel to them so I used them to decorate the top tabs I just made for my planner. There is something about red that just calls your attention, hmm?

And this is the sealing wax and stamp set she gave me. I have no idea how to use these as I have never tried sealing my envelopes before but they sure made me pretty excited to start on my Christmas cards!

And this one below is a closer look of the seal stamp. It is sooo pretty and can be worn as a necklace. The seal itself is an image of a crown. 

These little things make me really happy not only because I love crafting and all sorts of cute stationery but the thought behind every little gift makes me light up like a Philippine Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and that's really saying something.

Thanks, Alex!♥

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